Our Courses

At Surge Academy, we offer a diverse array of engaging courses designed to empower and inspire learners of all levels. Unleash your child’s potential with our fun and engaging projects, and pave the way for a successful journey into the world of coding and digital design.

Course Offerings:

Starting February 20th

LInux & Sql Core Training

This intensive course offers a thorough introduction to Linux administration and SQL database management. Participants will explore the core concepts of Linux operating systems, from installation and configuration to command-line operations. Additionally, students will develop proficiency in SQL database skills, encompassing database design principles, querying methods, data manipulation, and administrative tasks.

Intro to Computers & Programming with Scratch

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of computers, as well as programming using Scratch, a visual programming language designed at MIT’s Media Lab.  This course will empower young students with no prior programming experience to design their own animations, games, interactive art, and stories all while learning essential information about how computers work, how to operate a computer, and how to be a responsible digital citizen. 

2D Video Game Design - Platformer Games

Students will create their own platformer/side-scrolling video game using a beginner-friendly game engine that helps them create 2D games with little to no code. They will create a variety of exciting games with sprites, level objectives, enemies and more! At the end of the course, each student will have designed their own video game to take home and it will also be uploaded to the web to share with friends and family.

Advanced Game Development with Unity and C#

Students will learn how to develop video games using the C# programming language and the Unity game engine. Students will create a series of games that will help them learn how to code and the basics of creating a functioning and engaging video game.

Introduction to Coding

In this course, students will learn basic coding principles step by step. Students will complete fun projects in web design, animation, music, and gaming, all while learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This course aims to cultivate a passion for coding and effectively prepares students for tackling more advanced programming languages in the future.

Programming Adventures with Scratch Jr.

In this hands-on course, our youngest students will become digital explorers, discovering the fundamentals of coding through creative storytelling, games, and interactive activities. Students will work with Scratch Jr., an introductory visual programming language. As they navigate through exciting coding challenges, our young coders will not only hone their logical and thinking and computational skills, but also gain confidence, learn to collaborate with peers, and develop a lifelong love for learning.