Game Development with Unity and C#
In-Person ONLY for fall 2023 • Payment Plans Available

Course Overview

Students will learn how to develop video games using the C# programming language and the Unity game engine. Students will create a series of games that will help them learn how to code and the basics of creating a functioning and engaging video game.

10-Week Course

No Class Thanksgiving Week

90 Minutes Per Class

Ages 13-17


In-Person - KAysville, UT

Wednesdays, Sep 27 – Dec 6
1:30pm – 3:00pm


No previous knowledge of programming languages is required. However, students should feel VERY comfortable with typing on the keyboard, and have the following basic computer skills:

File Management

Students should be comfortable navigating through their computer's file system, creating folders, and organizing files.

Mouse and Keyboard Proficiency

Ability to use the mouse for pointing, clicking, and dragging, as well as typing on the keyboard.

Text Editing

Basic text editing skills are useful as students will be writing and modifying code in Unity using a code editor. Understanding how to open, edit, and save text files is important.

Extracting ZIP Files

Some learning resources or asset packages might be provided as ZIP files. Knowing how to extract files from ZIP archives is necessary.

Internet Browsing

Students should know how to use a web browser to access online resources, view tutorials, and download assets or extensions related to Unity.

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In-Person (Weds)

Wednesdays, Sep 27 – Dec 6
1:30am – 3:00pm

Kaysville, UT