Introduction to Programming with Scratch
In-Person and ONLINE for fall 2024 • Payment Plans Available

Course Overview

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of programming using Scratch, a visual programming language designed at MIT’s Media Lab.  This course will empower young students with no prior programming experience to design their own animations, games, interactive art, and stories. Kids will learn to express their ideas, develop problem-solving skills, and unleash their creativity by bringing their unique stories to life with code.

12-Week Course

Ages 7-12


Choose from In-Person or Online

Live Virtual Course

Thursdays, Sep 9 – Nov 21,  2024
4:30am – 5:30pm (Mountain Time)

In-Person - KAysville, UT

Wednesdays, Sep 4 – Nov 20, 2024
10:30am – 12:00pm

Course Description

Surge Academy offers an engaging “Intro to Programming with Scratch” course, designed to introduce students to the basics of programming and game development using Scratch. This course is available in two formats: online with weekly live lectures or in-person at our Kaysville, UT classroom.

How the Class Works

Online Option:

Weekly Live Lectures

Students will meet weekly in a live, online classroom with the instructor.

Collaborative Learning

The instructor will guide the class step by step through the creation of various projects, including games, interactive art, and stories

Q&A Sessions:

Students can ask questions and receive immediate feedback during the live sessions.

In-Person Option:

Weekly Meetings

Students will gather weekly at our Kaysville, UT classroom.

Live Instruction:

The instructor will provide hands-on guidance and support throughout the programming process.

Interactive Environment

Students will benefit from a collaborative and interactive classroom environment, enhancing their learning experience.

What Students Will Learn

Scratch Basics:

Learn the fundamentals of Scratch, including block-based programming and the Scratch interface.

Programming Concepts:

Understand basic programming concepts such as loops, conditionals, and variables in a visual and interactive way.

Project Development:

Develop skills in designing and creating various projects, including games, interactive art, and stories.


Enhance problem-solving abilities by building and debugging Scratch projects.

By the end of this course, students will have:

  • A solid foundation in programming using Scratch.
  • Completed several projects, including games, interactive art, and stories.
  • Improved problem-solving and logical thinking skills.
  • A portfolio piece that can be shown to potential future instructors or used as a stepping stone for further learning.


No previous knowledge of coding is required, and we will go over any basic computer skills that young students would need for this course.  However, parents should consider whether students have some of the following basic skills:

Reading Ability

While Scratch involves visual programming blocks, some level of reading ability is still necessary for understanding the labels and instructions associated with the blocks.

Math Concepts

While Scratch can be used without strong math skills, a basic understanding of concepts like counting, shapes, and patterns can be helpful when creating more complex projects.

Mouse and Keyboard Proficiency

Ability to use the mouse for pointing, clicking, and dragging, as well as typing on the keyboard.

Enroll Now

Live Virtual Course (Thurs)

Thursday, Sep 5 – Nov 21,  2024
4:30pm – 5:30pm (Mountain Time)

6:30-7:30pm Eastern
5:30-6:30pm Central
3:30-4:30pm Pacific

In-Person (Weds)

Wednesdays, Sep 3 – Nov 20, 2024
10:30am – 12:00pm

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